Best Luxury Old Money Motorcycle Accessories

For the motorcycle rider looking for more in life, a motorcycle is not merely a mode of transport but an extension of their personality - It shows who they are - their style, class, and love for the best things. Riding a Rudge motorcycle calls for an ensemble of accessories that reflect the same elegance and finesse. In this blog, we present the must-have accessories for the rider who values distinction and timeless style.

Leather Riding Jacket

No distinguished rider's wardrobe is complete without a classic leather riding jacket. Opt for premium leather jackets that exude both durability and style. Look for jackets with reinforced shoulders and elbows for added protection without compromising on the stylish look. A well-fitted leather jacket not only provides safety but also enhances your riding experience.

Vintage-Inspired Helmets

A helmet is the most crucial piece of riding gear, and style-conscious bikers want helmets that protect and look good. Choose a vintage-inspired helmet that matches the classic aesthetic of your Rudge motorcycle. Focus your search on helmets with leather straps and brass fittings, and consider those with classic open-face designs for an authentic, old-world charm vibe. And while style is important, we can’t forget safety, so make sure your helmet meets all safety standards.

Leather Riding Gloves

Leather gloves shield your hands and add some class to your gear. Finding high-quality leather gloves gives you a firm grip and keeps your hands safe from weather and potential injuries. Opt for gloves that are comfortable and match your style as well.

Heritage Riding Boots

It’s essential for a distinguished rider to have a good pair of riding boots, and it’s essential they choose boots made from top-grade leather, offering both protection and style. Features to look for include reinforced toe caps, ankle protection, and anti-slip soles. Classic lace-up boots or side-zip options give you a traditional look. These boots ensure comfort and safety during your rides.

Sophisticated Riding Goggles

For the riders who embrace the open-face helmet, they must have some sophisticated riding goggles to match. Choose riding goggles with UV protection and anti-fog lenses to make sure you have clear vision in all weather conditions. Leather-trimmed goggles with adjustable straps not only give you extra protection but also add vintage elegance to your riding gear.

Leather Saddlebag

A skilled and distinguished rider needs a useful and stylish solution for carrying their essentials when riding a bike, and a leather saddlebag fits the bill perfectly. Look for saddlebags that are high-quality leather and match your Rudge Motorcycle’s lasting style. Make sure your bag has secure closures and it has enough space to fit all of your essentials in there - like tools, documents, and other personal items.

Classic Timepiece Watch

A classic timepiece is a great addition to your gear, it transcends trends and survives over time. Opt for a wristwatch with a leather strap and a simple design that reflects the elegant design of your motorbike. It’s ideal that you go for a watch that is water-proof and shock-resistant, making sure it works well and it’s comfortable to wear even on long journeys.

Stylish Riding Scarf

An elegant riding scarf not only adds style to your riding outfit but also protects your neck from wind and cold. Choosing a high-quality scarf makes all the difference, like silk or cashmere. It’s a simple accessory, but a good scarf can elevate your riding outfit and keep you comfortable on cooler rides.

Motorcycle Maintenance Kit

A skilled rider understands the importance of maintaining a prized motorcycle that is in good repair. Having a well-equipped maintenance kit with you at all times ensures you can perform essential checks and small repairs on the go. Opt for kits containing tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and tyre pressure gauges.

Personalised License Plate Frame

Add an extra touch of personalisation to your Rudge Motorcycle by getting a custom license plate frame. Once again, choosing high-quality materials it’s essential, pick a frame crafted from materials like chrome or polished stainless steel, and you can think about adding your initials or a favourite quote. A custom license plate frame is a subtle but distinctive way to make your motorcycle truly unique.


For the distinguished rider, every accessory offers an opportunity to showcase your style, sophistication, and a deep appreciation for quality. Each piece, from the leather jacket to the personalised license plate, should reflect the timeless and classic elegance that represents both you and your Rudge motorcycle. By carefully selecting these must-have accessories, you enhance your riding experience and capture the essence of a truly distinguished rider.

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